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When it comes to healthcare, a woman’s needs are far different from a man’s because of her reproductive system. Because of this, Willow Park Medical Group offers well-woman examinations to closely monitor the unique health issues of their female patients in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania. Under the guidance of Mary Anne Pajel-Sio, MD, the practice treats everything from pelvic pain to sexually transmitted diseases. To learn more, call or use the online scheduling tool to book an appointment.

Well-Woman Examination Q&A

What are some common STDs?

The most common sexually transmitted diseases (STDs) are genital human papillomavirus (HPV), chlamydia, and gonorrhea. These diseases can cause serious health issues, including infertility, when they’re left untreated. Early detection and prompt treatment help prevent complications.

However, some STDs don’t cause any noticeable symptoms. As a result, many STDs are unknowingly passed onto others. For this reason, regular testing is imperative for both men and women of all ages who are sexually active.

Who should be tested for STDs and how often?

Patients should undergo STD testing once a year, even if they’ve been with the same partner for the entire year. Those who have multiple partners or engage in risky sexual activities are advised to be tested every few months or at least twice a year.

Also, anyone who has symptoms of an STD, such as genital warts, should be tested as soon as possible.

Patients can still have STD testing done after having unprotected sex, but they might need to be retested if early tests show negative results.

Prompt treatment ensures the best chance for a full recovery. Some STDs take days or even weeks to cause symptoms to appear after the initial infection. In some cases, being tested too early isn’t helpful, since tests will come back negative even if there’s an active infection.

What does STD testing entail?

Dr. Pajel-Sio can use various STD tests, but the one she recommends depends on each patient’s symptoms and sexual activity. Common tests include urine samples, blood samples, swabs of the genitals, rectum, or throat, and physical examination of the genitals.

If you receive negative results, you might need to be retested. Once negative results are verified, Dr. Pajel-Sio discusses your treatment options.

Don’t take a chance on your health: schedule an appointment to get yourself tested today.

Why do I need a well-woman examination?

Whether or not you have children, your body has a system of organs designed for reproduction, including your:

  • Uterus
  • Vagina
  • Cervix
  • Ovaries
  • Fallopian tubes

Together, these organs create a specific set of health concerns for women. They require specialized care, which is what a well-woman exam provides.

During your exam, Dr. Pajel-Sio starts by reviewing any concerns or questions you may have.

She then performs a pelvic exam for a visual look at your reproductive system. She may swab your cervix for a Pap test, as well as collect urine and blood after for further testing and screening.

During your well-woman exam, you can also discuss any birth control options with Dr. Pajel-Sio, or ways to best ready your body for pregnancy.

How often should I have a well-woman examination?

If you have no medical issues, an annual visit to Willow Park Medical Group is enough to ensure that you’re in good health.

There are, of course, situations where you may need to see Dr. Pajel-Sio for specific issues, such as:

  • Irregular periods
  • Painful periods
  • Heavy bleeding
  • Abnormal discharge
  • Pelvic pain

Whatever your situation, Dr. Pajel-Sio works with you to find a suitable plan of action.

Why should I be tested for STDs?

The Center for Disease Control and Prevention reports that 20 million people are diagnosed with sexually transmitted diseases (STDs) each year, including:

  • HPV, or the human papillomavirus, which leads to genital warts
  • Chlamydia
  • Gonorrhea
  • Syphilis
  • HIV/Aids
  • Herpes

Some of these diseases can cause serious health issues — including infertility — if they’re left untreated, which makes early detection and prompt treatment very important.

Some STDs don’t cause any noticeable symptoms, meaning that many STDs are unknowingly passed onto others. For this reason, regular testing is imperative for women of all ages who are sexually active.

To determine the right testing for your situation, you can discuss your options with Dr. Pajel-Sio, and she will propose an appropriate screening schedule.

Rest assured, your conversations with Dr. Pajel-Sio are confidential, and she treats every patient with compassion and discretion.

To stay one step ahead with your health, call Willow Park Medical Group to schedule your well-woman exam or use the online scheduling tool to arrange an appointment today.

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